Anna Mann

Anna Mann has worked as a PhD candidate in the Eating Bodies team between 2010 and 2015, making sure that the sensualities of eating weren’t forgotten. In her PhD research project on “tasting”, she studied ethnographically how in different Western European countries in a variety of situations and sites people sensually engaged with food and drinks. In her thesis, she uses detailed ethnographic observations of goings-on in sensory science laboratories, restaurants and hospitals, a nunnery and mundane eating events to open up those entities have been largely taken for granted in the social science literature on tasting and taste – physiology, experience, context, and knowing – and suggest an alternative understanding of tasting as a composite.
Anna is using eating and drinking in her new project on the making of Quality of Life in mundane goings-on of living with Chronic Kidney Disease in Austria ( to further explore how ‘the good’ is made.