Carolina Domínguez Guzmán

Carolina studies everyday farming practices of growing mangos for agro-export in Northern Peru. In her study, she explores ethnographically the journey of mangos from Peru to the Netherlands; the ways in which the Dutch is present in the Peruvian fields and vice versa; and how along the journey different versions of this seemingly similar fruit are brought into being.

In recent years, the demand for fresh fruits in Europe has entailed a modernization of Peruvian agriculture, reconfiguring ways of relating to and doing farming and the environment. Central to Carolina’s research is the study of water realities for irrigation and the unravelling of human-plant relations in semi-arid agro-export zones.

After finishing her MSc in International Development Studies in Wageningen, she joined the WOTRO-IP “the transnationalization of local water battles”, coordinated by the Water Resources Management group of the Wageningen University.  She is part of the Eating Bodies group since 2014.