Filippo Bertoni

Filippo Bertoni finished his PhD in the Eating Bodies team in March, 2016. His work in the project sets off from the premise that even if eating has been marginalized in most Western theory, it has held a central position in ecology and neighboring disciplines. Hence, empirically and ethnographically engaging with scientists and people working with earthworms within and across environmental disciplines and practices, his work tracks some of the ways in which eating emerges at the interface between theory and (research) practices.

Simultaneously, these explorations emerge from a close attention to the ‘object’ of researchers, the earthworm. What does it mean, then, to do an ‘anthropology of earthworms’? What does this imply for anthropology? And for earthworms? Touching works in anthropology, STS, empirical philosophy, and ecological sciences, Filippo’s research attempts to offer some possible answers to these and more questions.