Sebastian Abrahamsson

Sebastian Abrahamsson worked in the Eating Bodies team between 2010-2014. Inspired by his background in human geography his research explored how eating configures the spatial and temporal work that human bodies engender as they engage with foodstuff in various ways. During his time in the team he also researched food waste, exploring how consumers tinker with food so as to avoid wasting it while paying attention to how the perishable materialities of different kinds of food limit what can be done with it. More specifically, he looked at instances where consumers resisted the boundaries (legal, social, material and economic) through which food becomes waste, and how experimenting with perishable materials by eating discarded food challenges temporal limits of organic materiality.  This work laid the foundation for his current research. A  project, titled “Food Waste in Denmark and Sweden – Understanding Household Consumption Practices to Develop Sustainable Food Care” has been funded with a Marie Curie Fellowship and will be carried out at the SAXO institute, University of Copenhagen in Denmark.