Tjitske Holtrop

Tjitske Holtrop is a PhD candidate in Anthropology sharing almost everything with the Eating Bodies team but a research topic. Her PhD project is on evaluation practices in the context of the military and development intervention in Afghanistan. Evaluation research is called upon to assess the effects of the foreign intervention. Engaging in such research, however, is hardly straightforward. This project seeks to map what it practically entails to design questionnaires, do interviews, analyze data, use numbers, write reports, present recommendations, and declare the success or failure of interventions.

Combining ethnographic methods with work in anthropology and STS, Tjitske hopes to articulate what each of these research steps requires and engenders in the intractable Afghan context. While important in its own right, this detailed study of a limited set of Afghan cases will also feed into more general discussions on what indicator-based governance is and may hope to be.