Anthropology and Improvisation: a workshop by Joe Dumit

Jan '16

On the 20th of January the Eating Bodies team will host a workshop on the topic of “anthropology and improvisation” facilitated by Prof. Joe Dumit (STS, University of California Davis).

The workshop is entitled:


“Don’t Know Where You Are Going: Embodying Improvisation in Dance, Theatre, Neuroscience, and Anthropology”


The workshop, in the form of an interactive game, will take the texts of cultural anthropology and the handbooks of theatre and improvisation, and read them as doppelgängers, as uncanny doubles of each other.

The workshop will take place in the common room of the Anthropology department (REC B5.15) from 14.00 to 17.00 h.


For more information please email Rebeca Ibáñez Martin  (


Joe Dumit is director of the Institute for Social Sciences, Chair of Performance Studies, Professor and former director of Science and Technology Studies and Professor of Anthropology at the University of California Davis. His most recent book is on pharmaceutical marketing and clinical trials called Drugs for Life: How Pharmaceutical Companies Define Our Health (Duke University Press, 2012). His personal page can be accessed here