The Porcupine Meeting – Theme: Relations

Dec '15

The Porcupine Meeting will provide a moment for all the staff of the Health Care and the Body programme group (UvA) to discuss wider issues in anthropology, to discover shared concerns and diverging issues. With the Porcupine Meeting we are dreaming of creating together a new format for exchange about shared concerns.

What does the term RELATIONs do for your work,

and what does your work do for the term RELATIONs?

In proposing the term RELATIONs we are not so much interested in genealogies of the concept, because we assume that a theoretical tracing of the concept is impossible: it is as old as anthropology, comes in all forms and sizes (relatedness, relativity, relationality….) and there are no experts for the term. So we want to be inspired by how you relate/or not relate to the term in practice. What are productive aspects of the term? Where is it important/insignificant in your field?

The idea of calling the event Porcupine was inspired by the fact that our program group consists of people from all kind of theoretical backgrounds (that stick like quills in one program group beast  – the Porcupine), but our aim is not to ask participants to identify with one approach, but to embrace and engage with the many possible ways of thinking which we have among us.

For your information, see the preliminary program below.


Preliminary program Porcupine Thursday 17. Dec. 2015:

9.00       Opening

9.30       first pitch

9.40       second pitch

9.50       third pitch

10.00     fourth pitch

10.10     Break

10.20     fifth pitch

10.30     sixth pitch

10.40     seventh pitch

10.50     eighth pitch

11.00     ninth pitch

11.10     Break

11.30     Group work: each group discusses and prepares small pitch back

12.40     Lunch

13.15     Pitching back

14.15     Evaluation of the ‘Porcupine-method’ + future plans

14.45     End


We want to invite you all (if you happen to be in Amsterdam around that date) to take part in this meeting to  discuss the theme and work on a format to spark discussions amongst each other (Master students, PhDs, lecturers, professors). There will be refreshments and lunch catered on site to celebrate our coming together before the end of the year.


Please sign up as participant with Willemijn Krebbekx,