Food’s cultural geographies: texture, creativity & publics

It’s February 2012. You’re going to the AAG annual conference in New York in a couple of weeks time. You want to find out first hand about the latest research on food geographies. Maybe you’re brushing up an undergraduate module in which food plays a major part. Maybe you’re in the early stages of putting together a research proposal with food at its heart. You know that food is more than just an area of geographical inquiry. It offers rich, tangible entryways into almost any issue in which you might be interested. You’re on the conference website, searching for food sessions and for papers with food as a keyword. The result? 50 sessions and 187 papers. You’re spoilt for choice. There’s so much going on. The Chicago AAG conference six years earlier had had only 6 food sessions and 44 food papers. That was much easier to manage. Recent years, it seems fair to say, have witnessed as explosion in geographical research on food.


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