Layers or versions? Human bodies and the love of bitterness.

Here’s a way to boost the working day. Coffee. If you like it this way, hot milk may be added. The slightly sweet, fatty, protein-richness of the milk contrasts nicely with the tinge of bitterness of the coffee. Adding milk makes the drink more soothing. In ever more coffee places ever more steaming cups of cafe latte are passed over ever more counters.1 These places have become, for their customers at least, quiet havens in busy, bustling townscapes. Places where you can go and feel cared for – even if it costs a lot of money. Places that make you feel at home, even if part of the fun is that they are not home: as a customer you do not have to do the care work. Someone else prepares your coffee for you. A barista deals with the machines and the ingredients, takes a cup of the right size from a pile, fills it with the concoction that you asked for. But feel free to add your own cinnamon or chocolate powder. (Sugar? Did you say sugar? But that countermands the coffee’s lovely bitterness.)


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