About the Eating bodies fluid network

What is eating? Studying a topic starts out by not knowing what it is. This is why the title of this website is a question. This particular question seemed a suitable banner for scholars who do not know what eating is. And who then write about where this question leads.

The diverse situations that we write about are not only empirically intriguing, or so we think, but we also use them as occasions to address further concerns. Concerns to do with relations between eaters and their guests; eaters and growers; eaters and sellers; eaters and professionals; eaters and their foods. Relations of caring, stealing, buying, nourishing, killing, harvesting, feeding, appreciating.

Writing about ‘what is eating?’ also forms an occasion to explore actorship, valuing, knowing, bodies, pleasure, pain, hunger, authority, materialities, measuring, natures, cultivations, blood, climates, caring, living, overruling, coexisting, escaping, transforming, writing. So far, the list is open ended.

This website is a fluidly growing, collectively written, sort-of book, an unedited volume. It gathers together texts (co-)authored by members, former members and friends of the eating bodies team as well as the odd blog or event-announcement. In this way it hopes to associate and inspire a fluid network of kindred scholars.

The eating bodies team wants to acknowledge the European Research Council Advanced Grant, AdG09 Nr. 249397 that allowed it to gather and work together between 2010 and 2015. In addition, our work is made possible by the money that Annemarie Mol received in 2012 from the Netherland Research Council in the form of a Spinoza Grant. We are grateful to all the taxpayers involved.

To those who visit this website: be welcome. Feel free to use the texts assembled here for research and teaching purposes. If ever you were to cite us, we would be grateful if you would use the published versions. Our hope is that whatever you find here may inspire you in some quest of your own. Maybe this is a quest regarding the question what is eating. But maybe your concern is with relating, knowing, bodies, natures, harvesting, materialities – or something else that is listed here. Or not yet listed, but it may come to be.