“Resistance and Accommodation: an Ethnography of Regenerative Medicine” – Introducing Wakana Suzuki

Our team is excited to have Wakana Suzuki in our midst for a few months.

Wakana Suzuki is a PhD candidate based in Osaka University in Japan. Wakana has been trained as a scholar of Anthropology and STS (Science and Technology Studies). Her research focus is on how stem cell scientists produce medical knowledge and technologies with other living beings, such as cells and laboratory animals. After she had conducted fieldwork in a stem cell laboratory for two yeas and a half in the west of Japan, she became a visiting PhD in the University of Amsterdam to brush up her theories and concepts in her dissertation.

Although her research is not directly related to eating practices, the team members and Wakana share basic STS thinking and theories, such as material-semiotics, care, the body and embodiments. Thanks to the members who have a variety of interests and creative ideas, she has been widening her perspectives and learning a lot through active conversations with Dutch and international PhDs, post-docs, young and senior researchers.

Recently, Wakana has started a new research project about human and non-human relationships in Japanese Life Science funded by the JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) and the Ikushi Prize (the Japanese Emperor’s Prize). She also become involved in a new international research project “Assemblages of the Future” launched by Japanese, Hungarian and Danish Anthropologists and STS scholars. This project focuses on how multiple futures are made by assemblages of techno-scientific practices and future imaginaries and discourses in the age of the “Anthropocene”.

For more information about Wakana, please visit https://osaka-u.academia.edu/WakanaSuzuki